Chicago Pediatrician

How A Pediatrician Can Help Your Child

If you have a family doctor that you turn to regularly for care, then you understand all too well just how important it is to establish and maintain a strong relationship with a doctor that can provide you with individualized medical care. The same also applies to kids. Your child will need to visit a pediatrician regularly to monitor their health and development and to identify problems early on. Here in Chicago, IL, Dr. Maria Staisz and her team take great pride in providing knowledgeable, gentle, and friendly pediatric care to kids and teens.

Continuous Care Throughout the Years

Your child is going to need preventive care, as well as treatments throughout their childhood, so it’s important that the doctor you turn to understands your child’s complete medical history. When you turn to our pediatric team you will get individualized care every time you and your child enter our practice.

We keep detailed records of your child’s health that outline everything from the vaccines they’ve received (and still need), pre-existing health problems, allergies to medications, and past hospitalizations or surgeries. Since we know just about everything about your child you can also rest assured that we are providing them with care that is tailored to their health and unique needs.

Know Where to Turn

When your child gets sick the last thing you want to do is wonder where to go for care. Hospital visits are stressful, impersonal, and expensive. Urgent care centers don’t actually know your child and their detailed medical history. Fortunately, when you have a pediatrician that you know and trust, you always know where to turn when your child falls ill. Non-life-threatening injuries, conditions, and diseases can all be treated at our practice. However, for a true medical emergency, call 911 or head to your nearest emergency room for immediate medical attention.

Get Preventive Care

By turning to a pediatrician regularly we can provide them with the preventive care they need to stay healthy. Especially during the first few years, Dr. Staisz and her team are focused on the growth and development of your child. We will continue to monitor their development, making sure that they are reaching specific milestones throughout their childhood. We also provide your child with immunizations, screenings, and sports or school physicals.

If you’re looking for a pediatrician for your newborn or you need to schedule your child’s next checkup with Dr. Staisz, call Pediatric Clinic in Schorsch, Chicago, IL, today at 773-725-5400.