What if My Child Is Running a Fever?

A fever within your child is not always apparent but sometimes a touch to the skin is enough to alert you. Treating a fever in your child may vary, but using a digital thermometer measures the body temperature and will confirm a fever. If your child’s body temperature has reached 100°F or above, it’s best to visit your Chicago pediatrician, Dr. Maria Staisz with Pediatric Clinic in Chicago, IL.

Causes of Fevers

Your child having a fever is typically due to a specific cause, such as:

  • The body fighting an infection or illness through the body’s defense responders.
  • Overdressing your infant (specifically, newborns) can cause a fever due to your child’s body being unable to regulate their body temperature at such an early age.
  • Vaccinations can sometimes cause infants and young children to experience a mild fever.

Taking Your Child’s Temperature 

Digital thermometers can measure your child’s temperature to determine if they do have a fever or not in one of three different approaches:

  • Inside of the mouth–100°F or higher is a fever
  • Taken from the child’s (usually for children age 1 or younger) rectum–100.4°F or higher is a fever
  • Measured from the armpit–99°F or higher is a fever

Though taking your child’s temperature is important, their condition should be fully observed if you notice changes in their breathing pattern (e.g. faster breathing, difficultly breathing, or is still breathing rapidly once the body temperature regulates).

Treating a Fever

Not all fevers require a visit with your Chicago, IL, pediatrician, however, it’s important to monitor your child’s condition and if their discomfort increases.

For children whose body temperature is below 102.2°F, it is unlikely any medication will be necessary, but that depends on their response to the fever. However, if the older child’s temperature reaches 102.2°F or higher, promptly call Pediatric Clinic in Chicago, IL, to determine the next steps for your child.

It’s important to note that in the case of a fever in your infant of 3 months or younger if their rectal temperature has reached 100.4°F or higher, you should call Dr. Staisz or head to a hospital emergency unit immediately.

Your Chicago Pediatrician Can Help

Your child’s discomfort may trigger your own, as it is challenging to watch them in a distressed state. At Pediatric Clinic in Chicago, IL, it is our top priority to alleviate your child’s intensified condition and manage their fever with the help of your Chicago pediatrician, Dr. Staisz.

If concerned about your child’s fever, call our office today at (773) 725-5400.

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